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Polar bear, by Marcelo Tobar, presented at the 15th FICM

The third day of activities of the fifteenth edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) began with the press screening of Polar Bear (2017, dir. Marcelo Tobar), Mexican film that forms part of the Mexican Feature Film section in competition at the 15th FICM.

The narrative focuses on Heriberto, a young man who gives two old school friends a ride to go to a reunion on the other side of the city. Heriberto tries to reconnect with them, but Flor and Trujillo replicate the same abusive dynamics they had against him as children. Heriberto, who is no longer as submissive as before, is going to give them the surprise of their lives.

Marcelo Tobar graduated from the Vancouver Film School, writes, directs and produces under an independent cooperative system. His filmography includes Asteroide (2014) and Dos mil metros sobre el nivel del mar (2008).

Cast and production crew of "Polar Bear".

On Tuesday, October 24, Polar Bear will be shown again in theatre 2 of Cinépolis Las Americas, at 4:45 p.m.