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NUNCA REGRESES (2014, dir. José Leonardo Díaz Vega)Never Come Back (2014, dir. José Leonardo Díaz Vega)

Direction: José Leonardo Díaz Vega

Script: José Leonardo Díaz Vega

Production: Laura Berrón | José Leonardo Díaz Vega

Production Company: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC)

Photography: Jorge Luis Linares Martínez

Edition: José Leonardo Díaz Vega

Sound: Alberto Molero

Music: Guillermo Custodio | Rodrigo Hernández | Diego Lozano

Cast: Cristian Álvarez | Mario Anguiano | Luis Huipe

Art Direction: William Díaz | Vera Park

FICM Awards: Best Work from the Michoacan Section | Special Mention | I. SAT Special Award | Mexican Short Film Section | Michoacan Section

Year of Participation at FICM: 2014

SINOPSIS: Two young friends accept a job, unaware that they may never return to where they were or to their old life.