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Nouredine Essadi

Nouredine Essadi is the Audiovisual Attaché of the French Embassy in Mexico. He obtained his Master's Degree in Economics and International Relations from the Sorbonne University, Panthéon. He worked as Assistant Director for Melvin Van Peebles, with whom he made the French adaptation of the musical comedy Don't Play Us Cheap, La Fête à Harlem. From 2004 to 2007 he was in charge of the Africa Cinemas program, included in the Europa Cinemas structure, whose mission is to promote and improve the distribution of African movies, particularly francophone films. He is also founder and organizer of the French Film Festival in Cuba, which has be­ come one of the most important film events in the island. He has created numerous cultural events in Paris, among them, the African ­American cinema retrospective, as well as other events dedicated to urban culture. He is also the founder of the record label Hipi Music, and programming director of the jazz venue Hot Brass, in Paris.