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Meredith Brody, a lifelong cinephile, has worked in many aspects of the film business. While still in film school, she worked for Bertrand Tavernier and Pierre Rissient’s advertising firm, as well as for Filmex, the first Los Angeles film festival. After graduating from film school at the University of Southern California, she served as a development executive for several independent film companies and for Columbia Pictures, working with directors and writers such as John Milius, Steven Spielberg, Paul Schrader, Bob Zemeckis, and Larry Kasdan. This period was followed by a stint of writing for television, including early show business documentaries for HBO. She has written for every film magazine there is (and some that aren’t anymore), including Cahiers du Cinéma, Film Comment, Empire, and Premiere. She has contributed essays to several books, including the first American book on film noir, The Encyclopedia of Film Noir. Her award-winning writings on film and other subjects have appeared in the New York Times, the Village Voice, and LA Weekly. She has been a screener and juror for many film festivals, including Telluride, the AFI festival, Cartagena, and San Miguel de Allende/Guanajuato. She currently writes for the websites Indiewire,, and EatDrinkFilms.