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“As Long as I Am Satisfied With My Life, I Can Be a Better Mother,” Anabel Castañón at the Press Conference for SANTA BÁRBARA

Omar Sosa Topete

To kick off the activities on Thursday, the press conference for Anaïs Pareto's Santa Bárbara (2022) was held at the 20th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

Santa Bárbara
Anaïs Pareto

The event was attended by the director, the producers Pedro Hernández, Daniela Leyva, Andrea Toca, and actress Anabel Castañón.

“What caught my attention most was knowing what happens to these mothers and children separated for so many years, what happens to that bond? To that umbilical cord that is supposed to be unbreakable?” asked Anaïs at the beginning of the press conference.

Santa Bárbara follows the story of Bárbara, who decides to reunite with her teenage son, Ulises, whom she has not seen since she left her country. Challenges hound their relationship, but they both do their best to reconnect.

Anaïs Pareto

The style of this feature film stems from Anaïs Pareto’s desire to go beyond her own limitations and use her experience in the documentary genre to create fiction.

During the conference, a current phenomenon in this edition of the festival especially was highlighted: several of the films in competition touch on issues related to motherhood.

“I've been here for three weeks, my daughter back home now, and on one hand it's wonderful because I get to do things I couldn't do with her, and yet, there's always a hint of guilt there. But at the end of the day, when I talk to her, I tell her: This is very important to me. As long as I am satisfied with my life, with my growth as a person, as a professional, I can be a better mother,” added Anabel Chestnut.