10 · 24 · 19

Lila Downs adds flavor to the FICM by presenting the documentary El son del chile frito

By: Cristina Salmerón @mafaldita3

Gonzalo Ferrari, Uruguayan director, dared to portray in a documentary: one of the most famous Mexican singers: Lila Downs. Her film, additionally becomes relevant because it shows Oaxaca through the cultural and spiritual values of the State’s communities. To continue with the enticement of this job, it’s name is: El son del chile frito.

This documentary had its gala presentation with a red carpet at the 17th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival. The singer Lila Downs as well as Ferrari and the creative team were present, accompanied by Daniela Michel, director and founder of the Festival.

Lila Downs

Lila Downs

It might sound strange that a foreigner makes a documentary about a national music icon as Lila Downs, but in his favor, Ferrari said that “seeing Mexican culture with foreign eyes” acquires a more interesting point of view: “It helps us surprise each other in another way.”

“Every time I see this film I think I will see it through new eyes, that is the beauty of art, which always has a mood interpretation, and that is achieved with this documentary,” said Lila Downs.

El son del chile frito is a recognition of the cultural roots and diversity from the State of Oaxaca: it is an invitation to celebrate life, the excitement of gastronomy and the passion for music through the customs of local people.