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“Legal ABC: A Workshop for Young Filmmakers” at the 20th FICM

Laura García

At the 20th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), the speaker Adrián Ojeda, a lawyer from the firm Ojeda y Asociados, gave the workshop Legal ABC: The Legal Aspects of Audiovisual Production.

The conference was aimed primarily at young filmmakers, screenwriters, and producers attending the 20th FICM who were interested in being introduced to the rights and obligations of intellectual property.

ABC Legal

Ojeda emphasized the legal aspects of audiovisual production, demystifying that it is only a contract process to show it also involves relationships with suppliers, use of the image, registration with the National Copyright Institute (INDAUTOR), distribution, incentives, licenses, and administrative processes.

In addition, he spoke of the importance of safeguarding copyright works and matters including the crime defined as child pornography, the rights to use trademarks, authorship certificates, protection of cultural heritage, and legal consent.

"Intellectual property is the right of the author or authors, it is the recognition and protection of creative ideas [...] Moral, you have to do things right from the beginning [...] Do not use material without the consent of the author unless the law allows it,” said Adrián Ojeda.