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The history of Mexican Cinema at the Cannes Film Festival

By: Ma. Cristina Alemán (@mcristina)

The presence of Mexican Cinema at the Cannes Film Festival is nothing new. At the festival’s first edition, in 1946, María Candelaria (1943) by Emilio “El Indio” Fernández won both the Grand Prix and the Best Photography Prize for Gabriel Figeroa. Since then, our national cinema has excelled on the French Riviera, especially thanks recently to figures like Carlos Reygadas and Amat Escalante – filmmakers who belong to a long tradition of great cinema.

Some of the Mexican Films that have competed at Cannes.

Below, we present a list of the more than 40 Mexican films that have taken part in the Cannes Film Festival, alongside the prizes they have won. We will consider Mexican films that were directed by a Mexican, and/or films that were Mexican productions or co-productions. For practical questions we have excluded titles that took part in any of the festival’s parallel sections (Cinéfondation, Critics’ Week and Director’s Fortnight) or that screened out of competition, but it is worth noting that these sections have also enjoyed a strong Mexican presence.

Mexican feature films in the Official Cannes Competition (1946-2017):

Official Selection:
2015: Chronic, by Michel Franco – USA (Best Screenplay)
2013: Heli, by Amat Escalante – Mexico (Best Director)
2012: Post tenebras lux, by Carlos Reygadas – Mexico, France and the Netherlands (Best Director)
2010: Biutiful, by Alejandro González Iñárritu – Spain and Mexico (Best Supporting Actor and Vulcan Award of the Technical Artist)
2007: Silent Light, by Carlos Reygadas – Mexico (Jury Prize ex aequo)
2006: Pan’s Labyrinth, by Guillermo del Toro – Spain and Mexico
2006: Babel, by Alejandro González Iñárritu – France, USA and Mexico (Best Director and Vulcan Award of the Technical Artist)
2005: Battle in Heaven, by Carlos Reygadas –France, Belgium Germany and Mexico
1999: No One Writes to the Colonel, by Arturo Ripstein – Mexico
1994: La reina de la noche, by Arturo Ripstein – Mexico
1974: The Holy Inquisition, by Arturo Ripstein – Mexico
1967: Pedro Páramo, by Carlos Velo – Mexico
1965: Tarahumara, by Luis Alcoriza – Mexico (FIPRESCI Prize)
1963: The Exterminating Angel, by Luis Buñuel – Mexico (FIPRESCI Prize)
1961: Viridiana, by Luis Buñuel – Spain and Mexico (Palme d’Or ex aequo)
1960: Macario, by Roberto Gavaldón – Mexico
1960: The Young One / La joven, by Luis Buñuel – USA and Mexico
1959: La cucaracha, by Ismael Rodríguez – Mexico
1959: Nazarín, by Luis Buñuel – Mexico (Prix International)
1956: La escondida / The Hidden One, by Roberto Gavaldón – Mexico
1956: Talpa, by Alfredo B. Crevenna – Mexico
1955: Roots, by Benito Alazraki – Mexico
1954: El mártir del calvario, by Miguel Morayta – Mexico
1954: El niño y la niebla / The Boy and the Fog, by Roberto Gavaldón – Mexico
1954: Memorias de un mexicano / Memories of a Mexican, by Carmen Toscano Moreno – Mexico
1953: El, by Luis Buñuel – México
1953: Rossana / La red, by Emilio “El Indio” Fernández – Mexico (Prix International For Best Visual Narration)
1953: Las tres perfectas casadas, by Roberto Gavaldón – Mexico
1952: La ausente, by Julio Bracho – Mexico
1952: Subida al cielo / Mexican Bus Ride, by Luis Buñuel – Mexico
1951: Doña Diabla, by Tito Davidson – Mexico
1951: Los olvidados, by Luis Buñuel – Mexico (Best Director)
1949: Pueblerina, by Emilio “El Indio” Fernández – Mexico (Best Music
1946: The Three Muskateers, by Miguel M. Delgado – Mexico
1946: María Candelaria, by Emilio “El Indio” Fernández – México (Grand Prix and Best Photography Prize)

Official Selection – Un Certain Regard
2017: Las hijas de Abril, by Michel Franco – Mexico (Jury Prize)
2015: The Chosen Ones, by David Pablos – Mexico
2014: Jauja, by Lisandro Alonso – Denmark, USA, Argentina and Mexico (FIPRESCI Prize)
2013: The Golden Dream, by Diego Quemada-Diez – Mexico (Un Certain Talent Prize and Gillo Pontecorvo Prize)
2012: After Lucia, by Michel Franco – Mexico (Un Certain Regard Prize)
2011: Miss Bala, by Gerardo Naranjo – Mexico
2008: Los bastardos, by Amat Escalante – Mexico, France and USA
2006: El violín, by Francisco Vargas – Mexico (Un Certain Regard Prize for Best Actor)
2005: Sangre, by Amat Escalante – Mexico
2004: Crónicas, by Sebastián Cordero – Mexico Ecuador
2000: Así es la vida, by Arturo Ripstein – Mexico and France
1998: El evangelio de las maravillas, by Arturo Ripstein – Mexico
1991: The Woman of the Port, by Arturo Ripstein – Mexico
1989: Santa sangre, by Alejandro Jodorowsky – Mexico and Italy

Official Selection – Short Films
2008: El deseo, by María Benito – Mexico
2007: Ver llover, by Elisa Miller (Palme d’Or for Best Short Film) – Mexico
1998: Sin sostén, by René Castillo and Antonio Urrutia – Mexico
1996: 4 maneras de tapar un hoyo, by Guillermo Rendón Rodríguez and Jorge Villalobos de la Torre – Mexico
1994: El héroe, by Carlos Carrera (Palme d’Or for Best Short Film) – Mexico
1993: Me voy a escapar, by Juan Carlos Llaca Maldonado – Mexico
1971: Centinelas del silencio, by Robert Amram – Mexico
1964: Remedios Varo, by Jomi García Ascot – Mexico
1960: Fiesta en Xochimilco, by Fernando Martínez Álvarez – Mexico
1953: La cultura mural mexicana, by Francisco de Villar – Mexico

Directors’ Fortnight

2018: Cómprame un revólver, by Julio Hernández Cordón – México