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LA DANZA DEL HIPOCAMPO (2014, dir. Gabriela Ruvalcaba)La danza del hipocampo (2014, dir. Gabriela Ruvalcaba)

Direction: Gabriela Ruvalcaba

Script: Carlo Corea | Gabriela Ruvalcaba

Production: Érika Mercado Sánchez

Production Company: Bosque Negro | Fondo para la Producción Cinematográfica de Calidad (Foprocine) | Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)

Photography: Alejandro Rivas | César Salgado

Edition: Carlo Corea | Gabriela Ruvalcaba

Sound: Rafael Arcos

Music: Arcadio M. Lanz

FICM Awards: Mención especial | Sección de Documental Mexicano

Year of Participation at FICM: 2014

SYNOPSIS: The workings of memory are mysterious. If you had to choose seven moments that summed up your whole life, which ones would you choose? In The Dance of Memory, the director plunges into an ocean of family videos to find the clues that lead us through her quest. This is a documentary essay of visual poetry, one in which memory breaks down to reveal the people and places at the very origins of memory.