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Jodie Foster Awarded the UNAM Film Archive Medal at the 21st FICM

Gustavo R. Gallardo

Actress Jodie Foster was awarded the UNAM Film Archive Medal at the 21st Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

The award was presented to her in room 5 of Cinépolis Morelia Centro by Hugo Villa, General Director of Film Activities of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in the presence of FICM President, Alejandro Ramírez, and founder and General Director Daniela Michel

Hugo Villa y Jodie Foster

Hugo Villa and Jodie Foster

Since 1987, the UNAM Film Archive recognizes personalities or institutions whose trajectory, activities, analysis and interventions in the world of cinema contribute to enriching the world's film heritage in all its aspects.

 The medal is made with silver recovered from the process of film duplication, explained Hugo Villa as he handed it to a surprised Jodie Foster, "and, with it, you are taking a bit of the stardust of the great stars of the history of Mexican cinema and we are very happy that you are doing so."

Jodie Foster, surprised by the medal's process of elaboration, said she knew Mexican cinema but was unaware of "this wonderful history of the medal," which reminded her of filmmaker Alice Guy Blaché.

"She was the first woman to make narrative films, in fact, she was the first person, in all of history, and somehow she was invisibilized," Foster shared, adding that she lived longer than all the men who helped hide her story. "She ended up making over a thousand films, as a producer, director and writer..."

"It's very interesting for me to know what this medal is made of because the person who guards the films is the person who guards the voice in them, so it's very important to preserve the films to preserve the voice," said Jodie Foster.