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Jesus Magaña Vazquez Presents RECURSOS HUMANOS at the 21st FICM

Estefanía Zúñiga

The sixth film by Mexican director Jesús Magaña was presented at the 21st edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). The filmmaker was accompanied by a large part of the cast, which includes Pedro de Tavira, Daniel Tovar, Cecilia Ponce, Giuseppe Gamba, and Alejandra Herrera, among others.

Recursos Humanos
Elenco Recursos humanos

Recursos humanos (2023), originally a novel written in 2007 by Mexican Antonio Ortuño, was filmed in Cordoba, Argentina, and is about Gabriel Lynch, a resentful supervisor in a commercial printing company who decides to revolt when the inexperienced Constantino usurps the manager's position thanks to his influence and, in the process, conquers Lizbeth, his now ex-girlfriend. In his revenge, Lynch is accompanied by Paruro, his best friend, and Veronica, from accounting. In this office, bosses and employees experience promotions and demotions, romances and infidelities, and the occasional bomb.

Recursos Humanos

Actress Cecilia Ponce confessed that every time she sees the film she wants to make it again. "The misery of the characters and the miserable connection they have with each other is what makes the film so unique," she added.

At the end of the screening there was a Q&A session where Jesús Magaña explained the film's color palette: "It's a personal taste, my first feature film was in black and white, just like this one. For me the purest state of cinema is found in black and white and the movement of the dolly."