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Gabriela Onetto: Unspoiled view on the #15FICM

Gabriela Onetto is a writer and coordinator of creative writing workshops. She was born in Uruguay and grew up in Mexico. She has a degree in Philosophy and is a media collaborator. She has received several acknowledgements in narrative and poetry. She worked for a decade in audiovisual production before engaging in literature. Her site is www.onetto.net.

The onion layers of Mexico

It is true. If something is difficult to unravel it’s what we feel, what a Mexican thinks in his most intimate core. They are layers and layers of onion formal, social courtesy and suspicious feeling out, until the layers fall and finally gain access to the other (i attest forever). Or like the pyramids that were built on one another, as if they kept a secret and intended to confuse the one who looks from the outside showing only one side that, while real, is nothing more than one.


Morelia or the crossing of the first threshold

Morelia is already decorated with the incandescent orange and purple mourning of the flowers typical of this time, which we associate with the Day of the Dead, arranged in beautiful contrasts. Its walls of pink quarry and its warm lights highlight the omnipresent imprint of XV FICM everywhere.