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Special Screenings by El Día Después at the 17th FICM

By: Gabriela Martínez @GabbMartivel | Aranza Flores @Alvayeah

In the context of the 17th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), the civil association El Día Después had two special screenings of the two short films that have been produced until now with this initiative’s support.

El Día Después emerged in 2018 in a context of maximum electoral polarization. The purpose was to make a call to reflect upon our participation in democracy and the power to build a more empathic society.

This year, El Día Después became a civil association and became a platform for action: a tool that allows citizens to get closer to organizations that have been working on different social issues for decades; a tool that facilitates citizen union and mobilization.

El Día Después believes in the power of cinema to inform and raise awareness, and that is why every three months it produces a documentary short that visibilizes and promotes a specific theme.

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Batel, Natalia Beristain, Diego Luna

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Batel, Natalia Beristain, Diego Luna

Nosotras, by Natalia Beristain

Prior to the screening of this short film directed by Natalia Beristain, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Batel, vice president of the FICM, said that “it is always a pleasure to receive people who have been part of the festival,” referring to the director who in the 10th FICM obtained the Ojo to Best Mexican Feature Film for No quiero dormir sola (2012), Beristain’s directorial debut.

Besides, he added “we really like this initiative at the festival because it opens the debate, it generates controversies and relationships through dialogue. El Día Después brings to debate urgent issues in our country through artistic expressions.

For his part, Diego Luna, founder of El Día Después, said that idea of creating it was “to put themes on the agenda to discuss them and generate a directory of associations that are working to do something. Periodically we choose a theme and invite directors, a civil association and us, as mediators, to create these shorts. This initiative is designed to see the works on any device, so that these are accessible.”

Elena Fortes, Paula Amor

Elena Fortes, Paula Amor

Beristain thanked El Día Después for the invitation and for their work as a civil association.

Nosotras (2019) focuses on the fact that, in Mexico, nine women are killed daily and, according to official figures, six out of every ten women have suffered violence at some point in their lives.

This documentary addresses different levels of violence against women, starting with microviolences which we have normalized. It also tells the testimonies of women survivors of violence and voices of relatives of femicide victims. It was filmed in Mexico City, Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez, and is part of the “Feminicidios en México” campaign of El Día Después.

At the end of the screening the table “Cinema as a social tool” was held with the participation of Paula Amor, general director of La Corriente del Golfo; Natalia Beristain, Arcilia Miranda, criminal law attorney and sister of Berenice Miranda, a femicide victim whose case was portrayed in Nosotras; Ixchel Cisneros, director of El Día Despuésand Diego Luna.