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Gala Screening for Hands of Stone by Jonathan Jakubowicz

By: Marco Antonio Mejía (@miqkelmejia )

The gala for Hands of Stone, by director Jonathan Jakubowicz, was held tonight. The director was present and said a few words before the screening, talking about how difficult it is sometimes to diffuse a non-US-made film:

Edgar Ramirez, Jonathan Jakubowicz

Edgar Ramírez y Jonathan Jakubowicz

“Good evening, we are excited to be in Morelia. Despite appearances, this is a Latin American film, not Hollywood. It was created in Panama and made by Venezuelans and Mexicans. It is easier to see a Mexican film in New York or London than it is in Buenos Aires, but in our case, it will be shown throughout Latin America,” he assured.

Jonathan Jakubowicz, Edgar Ramirez, Alejandro Ramirez Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Batel

Jonathan Jakubowicz, Edgar Ramírez, Alejandro Ramírez y Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Batel

Also in the room was actor Edgar Ramirez, who said he was excited about visiting Morelia for the fifth time and to show the film:

“Thanks for being here, for me is special to present this movie in Morelia because I feel like a son to the festival. Here they have seen my career grow and I’m always treated with the same love. We are crossing borders with this film, managing to break down barriers in our cinema,” said the interpreter, who was given an armchair with his name, which will remain in the room 4 Cinépolis Centro.

Hands of Stone tells the story behind boxing legend Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez), his coach Ray Arcel (Robert de Niro), and how they changed each other’s lives. In the golden age of boxing, Duran was one of the most prominent fighters in the world, along with Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler; Duran fought and won 103 of his 119 bouts.

Alejandro Ramírez, Edgar Ramírez, Jonathan Jakubowicz, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Batel

Alejandro Ramírez, Edgar Ramírez, Jonathan Jakubowicz y Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Batel

After the show, the actor and the director returned to the front of the room. Edgar Ramirez expressed what it meant to play a boxer and the life lessons that left him with:

“I am moved by this character, I trained, I was taught to fight, I became a boxer and my life will never be the same, it is very rewarding, especially because, as the film says: you can have an extraordinary talent, but if your mind is not in the right place is not worth anything.”

Edgar Ramirez

Edgar Ramírez

Meanwhile, Jonathan Jakubowicz talked about how he put the script together how the scenes were linked to produce a project that was true to the objectives sought:

“The research process was journalistic because I am a journalist. I interviewed Duran, his friends, his enemies and his family. I then had the privilege of spending a year in Panama before shooting. I realized that there is no one who has nothing to say about him there,” he said.

Edgar Ramirez, Jonathan Jakubowicz

Edgar Ramírez y Jonathan Jakubowicz

Finally, he said that Robert de Niro is his favorite actor and he always knew he had to work with him:

“Ever De Niro and Duran squared a baseball game once, that story made told realize it was not so farfetched to have De Niro in this film because they already know each other. He is my all-time favourite actor,” he concluded.