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Frank Marshall Concluded His Activities at the 21st FICM With RATHER

Gustavo R. Gallardo

The documentary Rather was presented at the 21st Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), in the presence of its director Frank Marshall, festival president Alejandro Ramírez and founder and general director Daniela Michel.

Frank Marshall
Frank Marshall

Rather is a tribute to a journalism icon, late Twitter superstar, father, husband and voice of reason, compassion and brilliance - Dan Rather. For older generations, his name may be synonymous with quality journalism and stalwart diplomacy. For the younger members of the audience who may be unfamiliar with his career, Rather travels back in time through his remarkable experiences and sharp commentary.

Marshall, who is also a producer on films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982) and The Color Purple (1986), thanked the audience for attending the screening despite the rain that fell in the city on the last day of his activities at FICM.

Frank Marshall
Alejandro Ramírez, Frank Marshall, Daniela Michel

"Many of you may not know who Dan Rather is, but he is a journalist, he always wanted to be that, a journalist and also one of our most beloved news anchors in America," Marshall said.

He also commented that Rather is a "very personal" film, because the reports made by the journalist during the last 60 years had an effect on everyone and are part of the country's history.

Actress, director and special guest of FICM, Jodie Foster, was present at the screening.