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Forum of Indigenous Peoples 2022


The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) held the Forum of Indigenous Peoples 2022 with a selection of films that explore the diversity of the indigenous world in Mexico. 

In 2022, the Forum's selection of films reflects stylistic and narrative concerns that converge with fundamental themes of the contemporary collective life of indigenous peoples: identity, gender, migration, and cultural processes of appropriation and transmission of traditions, language, and customs.


  1. Xun Sero
  2. Isis Ahumada Monroy
  3. Xóchitl Enríquez
  4. Florencia Gómez Santiz
  5. Aracely Méndez
  6. José Lomas
  7. Julio César Saavedra Castro
  8. Galileo Beethoven Genaro Domínguez
  9. Salvador Martínez Chacruna


  1. Mamá by Xun Sero 
  2. Mi no lugar by Isis Ahumada Monroy 
  3. La Baláhna by Xóchitl Enríquez 
  4. 3 días, 3 años by Florencia Gómez Santiz 
  5. El cielo es muy bonito by Aracely Méndez 
  6. La lengua y el olvido by José Lomas 
  7. Ñuhu  by Julio César Saavedra Castro 
  8. Cuentos Mixe by Galileo Beethoven Genaro Domínguez 
  9. Piedra by Salvador Martínez Chacruna


A training area focused on analyzing the challenges that arise from organizing and creatively working within the film project development process, aimed at indigenous filmmakers.

Renowned professionals will share reflections and tools with participants on various aspects of developing a film project. This includes project approach and presentation, budget preparation, financing plans, copyrights, organizational team structure, distribution, promotion plans, and other key elements of the development of a film project.


Word and Image: Identity Narratives from Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Women in Cinema: Intimate Perspectives: