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RUDA (2019, dir. María Victoria Ponce) 2019 | United States | DCP | Color | 09 min.

Direction: Maria Victoria Ponce

Script: María Victoria Ponce

Production: Heather MacLean | María Victoria Ponce

Production Company: Heather MacLean

Photography: Alexander Fletcher

Edition: Staci DeGagne

Cast: María Teresa Ávalos | Tereza Iniguez | Adriana Ponce | Nelli Ponce

Year of Participation at FICM: 2019

SYNOPSIS: Eleven-year-old Aurora is an apprentice to her healer grandmother. Aurora worries about disappointing her Nina; she just wants to be a kid, and Wonder Woman is more her style. After falling and hurting herself during an outdoor adventure, Aurora learns that Wonder Woman suits her grandmother’s style, too.