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Museo (2018, dir. Alonso Ruizpalacios) 2018 | México | Color | 127 min.

Direction: Alonso Ruizpalacios

Script: Manuel Alcalá | Alonso Ruizpalacios

Production: Manuel Alcalá | Gerardo Gatica | Alberto Müffelmann | Ramiro Ruíz

Production Company: Panorama Global

Photography: Damián García

Edition: Yibran Asuad

Sound: Isabel Muñoz Cota | Javier Umpierrez

Music: Tomás Barreiro

Cast: Leticia Bredice | Alfredo Castro | Gael García Bernal | Leonardo Ortizgris | Lisa Owen | Ilse Salas | Simon Russell Beale | Bernardo Velasco

Art Direction: Sandra Cabriada

Year of Participation at FICM: 2018

SYNOPSIS: Christmas, 1985. Mexico City wakes to the news of the most spectacular crime in its history: the theft of over 160 iconic pieces from the National Museum of Anthropology. No one would suspect that the perpetrators sleep peacefully in the suburb of Ciudad Satélite: Juan Núñez and Benjamín Wilson, veterinary students and best friends. The magnitude of their crime exceeds their intentions and they leave the city in hopes of selling the stolen pieces.