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The Fernando de Fuentes Retrospective Concludes With LA MUJER SIN ALMA at FICM 2023

Omar Sosa Topete

To conclude the retrospective dedicated to Fernando de Fuentes during the 21st Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), IMCINE's Film Collection Coordinator, Mezli Silva, presented La mujer sin alma (1944).

Mezli Silva
Mezli Silva

Daniela Michel, founder and General Director of the festival, spoke briefly about the film before the presentation: "La mujer sin alma is an adaptation of a French novel by Alphonse Daudet. At that time, in that decade, many adaptations of French novels began to be made into films." Additionally, the movie stars María Félix, who had just starred in Doña Bárbara and was at the peak of her acting career.

La mujer sin alma tells the story of Teresa, a woman determined to climb the social ladder. To do so, she makes seductive use of her beauty and charm to manipulate the rich, an act that triggers several conflicts in her family.

"This film is a 35mm film. Unlike the versions you can find in digital form, this film is half an hour shorter. It is part of what we have labeled from IMCINE's archive as a mystery archive," Mezli Silva explained before the screening, inviting the audience to enjoy the film.