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The 16th FICM and the Academy will present a special program honoring Mexican actresses in Hollywood

The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), in collaboration with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States, will present a special program honoring three Mexican actresses who left their mark in Hollywood during its 16th edition: Dolores del Río (1904) -1982), Lupe Vélez (1909-1944) and Katy Jurado (1924-2002). John Bailey, president of the Academy, will present the program at the festival.

The films that make it up are:

  • In Caliente (1935, dir. Lloyd Bacon), starring Dolores del Río.
  • Mexican Spitfire (1940, dir. Leslie Goodwins), starring Lupe Vélez.
  • Broken Lance (1954, dir. Edward Dmytryk), starring Katy Jurado.

In Caliente (1935, dir. Lloyd Bacon)

Researcher Eduardo de la Vega Alfaro writes about Dolores del Río:

“[…] the Durango-born diva was discovered by Edwin Carewe (she possesses ‘One of the most beautiful faces that have graced the history of cinema’: David Ramón dixit) starred in fifteen Hollywood productions […] Dolores’ exemplary and successful career in the ‘Mecca of Cinema’ would be prolonged during the thirties with fifteen more films, with sound integrated in them, and, in 1942, consecrated as the a living image of Latin beauty on screen, she began another brilliant professional stage in he own country’s film industry”.

Mexican Spitfire (1940, dir. Leslie Goodwins)

Mexican Spitfire (1940, dir. Leslie Goodwins)

About Lupe Vélez, de la Vega writes:

“Also worthy representative of the Latin beauty required at that time by Hollywood standard, Lupe Vélez consecrated her well-earned fame as the protagonist of the saga that began with The girl from Mexico, 1939, by British director Leslie Goodwins for RKO Pictures, and continued with seven other films, all of them international comedies in which the character of ‘Carmelita’, better known as the “Mexican Spitfire”, displayed all the virtues necessary to develop a cosmopolitan and vivacious character”.

Broken Lance (1954, dir. Edward Dmytryk)

Broken Lance (1954, dir. Edward Dmytryk)

Finally, about Katy Jurado, he writes:

“[…] the Jalisco-born Katy Jurado had already worked for the film industry in her country, especially in various femme fatale roles, when she was called to the ‘Mecca of Cinema’ to play a wide range of characters that even led her to become the first Latin American to win a Golden Globe for her brilliant performance on High Noon (dir. Fred Zinnemann, 1952) and to be nominated for an Oscar for her excellent performance in Broken Lance (dir. Edward Dmytryk, 1954), westerns characterized by their great thematic and aesthetic quality”.

FICM’s 16th edition will take place from the 20th to the 28th of October in Morelia, Michoacán.