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She is a Mexican who has lived in New York for more than 20 years. Since 1998, she has dedicated herself to directing and producing cultural events. Her work has ranged from fundraising, programming and booking artists, to technical supervision of presentations, promotion and public relations. She was the artistic director of the Latino program at the Latino Cultural Festival of the Queens Theater in the Park for 13 years, and since 2001 she has worked as curator and co-producer at La Casita at the Lincoln Center. Since 2004, she has produced, programmed and directed the Celebrate Mexico Now Festival in New York, showcasing the vanguard in contemporary Mexican culture and the arts. From the beginning, the programming of this event has included the screening of some of the winning films at the Morelia International Film Festival. She has worked with more than 50 cultural organizations in New York and has received recognition by the local government. She has served as a panelist and participated in juries at various events in the United States, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.