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Message from the Committee for the Prevention and Attention to Harassment and Sexual Harassment and Unwanted Conduct

At the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) we recognize that guaranteeing the right of people to live a life free of violence and discrimination, especially for traditionally excluded populations, such as women and people of sexual diversity, is a vital need; That is why, with the advice of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Mexico, we developed a protocol for the prevention and care of harassment and sexual harassment to ensure inclusive spaces free of sexual and gender-based violence in the different activities. and FICM projects that are carried out throughout the year.

Said protocol is based on good practices and international recommendations for the guarantee and protection of fundamental rights.

In accordance with the protocol, FICM has established the Committee for Prevention and Attention to Harassment and Sexual Harassment and Unwanted Behaviors, which has integrated actions to provide attention, accompaniment and channeling against prohibited or unwanted behaviors, such as discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment, as well as measures to prevent possible reprisals, to contribute to a climate of trust and healthy coexistence during the 20th edition of FICM.

We are aware that our commitment to the promotion of cinema must be with a gender perspective and from the principle of equality and non-discrimination, to guarantee not only the same opportunities for women and men, but also safe spaces for all people regardless of gender. , identity, sexual orientation, appearance, ethnic origin, nationality, age or any other characteristic or condition.

In this way, FICM advocates a space of zero tolerance for any type of violence, particularly violence against women and gender-based violence, as well as for promoting actions that allow building inclusive and egalitarian communities. We want to contribute to the strengthening of the social fabric through the promotion of cinema in safe and violence-free spaces.

Let's make this edition a memorable film experience in an atmosphere of conviviality and well-being.

*In case you are a victim or witness of any violent behavior, contact any member of the staff of the Morelia International Film Festival or the FICM office located at Melchor Ocampo 35, col. Center, Morelia.

Some behaviors considered prohibited by the FICM:

  • Not requested compliments: refer to or comment on the appearance of people, without their request or desire, or express sexual intentions
  • Taking/sharing photos without consent
  • Discriminate against women for pregnancy
  • Making sexual requests, comments with sexual connotations or inappropriate to the context
  • Condemn, ignore, or punish outrage, particularly from women or people in the LGBTIQ+ community, who file a complaint of violence
  • Lewd touching or rubbing
  • Comment on someone's attire without the person requesting it
  • Innuendos of a sexual nature and lewd looks
  • Sharing videos with sexual or erotic content of underage girls, even with their consent
  • Displaying content of a sexual nature

*In these behaviors it does not matter if the intention is "positive", in jest or play.

Criminal conduct (in accordance with criminal codes and current legislation):

  • Workplace and sexual harassment (between colleagues of the same hierarchy)
  • Labor and sexual harassment (superior to subordinate person)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Exhibitionism
  • Violation
  • Femicide