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Perfiles FICM: entrevista a Gabriela Camarillo, becaria de GOBELINS

Gabriela Camarillo es originaria de Monterrey, Nuevo León. Ella es uno de los tres jóvenes talentos mexicanos que recibieron la beca ANIMEXICO otorgada por Guillermo del Toro con el apoyo de Cinépolis, para estudiar  la Maestría en Artes: Animación de Personajes y Realización de Cine Animado en GOBELINS, l’ecole de l’image, la mejor escuela de animación del mundo.

El Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia (FICM) tuvo la oportunidad de platicar con Gabriela Camarillo, quien nos compartió cómo nació su gusto por el dibujo, sus motivaciones y cómo conoció a Guillermo del Toro.

Trabajo de Gabriela Camarillo Gabriela Camarillo's work.

FICM: What do you hope to learn from this experience?

GC: I'm not sure, I know I'm very excited about everything I'm going to learn. I want to let me surprise. I remember once I went to Paris, I was thrilled to know that, somehow, people were interested in my beliefs on a personal level. Let's say that the environment was conducive to creativity and that excites me.

FICM: You said that people in Paris were interested in your beliefs, what is that in what you believe, that motivates you?

GC: I think we've all lived bad things, it's very easy to be negative. Maybe I'm not old enough to have philosophy, but I think there are ways to help people through your profession. A psychologist, for example, helps people to understand themselves and find their own happiness. I feel that telling stories has the same goal; anyone who tells you a story shares advices or teachings. I feel that Guillermo del Toro is doing that and I would like to be able to do the same, at some point I would like to direct. We all have the responsibility to help others.

I lived my whole life with fear, but I learned the value of helping others. Insecurities are our worst enemies and if with my work I can help someone, through a story that can give a little comfort, with that I am happy.

FICM: Do you have a story in mind that you would like to tell?

GC: Yes, I've been writing a lot. I just finished the script for an animated science fiction series, where I focus on emotions and psychology.

I have also been working on a history of bullfighter girls with which I want to address failure. There are few stories about people who live under the shadow of others or who are always perceived as enemies; there is very little about those characters who are judged for not redeeming themselves against the politically correct. I believe that stories that do not speak of humans being imperfect and not all of us heroes, are important because suffering is part of our nature. We are in a time when we need stories, that we are not afraid to be corny, that we are not afraid to feel.

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