10 · 29 · 20

Yermo, by Everardo González, was presented at the 18th FICM

By: Ximena Cuevas

Yermo (2020), the documentary by Mexican director Everardo González, was presented during the 18th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

Yermo was conceived from an invitation to the director to do a behind the scenes of the project by visual artist Alfredo de Stéfano, who performs landscape interventions in deserts. The artist’s monumental photography project and Everardo’s vision were transformed into this film that explores unknown life in ten deserts around the world.

Everardo describes the first part of the montage’s construction as distressing, because, having no visible structure and finding language as an impediment, he found the structure in translation.

We realized that what people were talking about was us. For them we were the distant ones… The ones who didn’t understand the ways of life of the human being, were us,” says Everardo.

Within the production, they decided to exploit everything that made the image evident, and the director, when recounting how Yermo’s speech was formed, commented on the understanding of language: “…human always interprets himself even when he has a camera in front of him, even in direct cinema, even in ethnographic cinema and even in visual anthropology.”

The film participated in Impulso Morelia 5, in 2019, and is currently part of the Mexican Documentary Section in this edition of the Festival.

Yermo will be available for 24 hours and completely free at Cinéplis KLIC from October 29 at 5:00 p.m.