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The Forum on Indigenous Peoples 2020 is now available at Cinépolis KLIC

The 18th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) presents the Forum on Indigenous Peoples 2020, which program includes two conversations and the exhibition of the works of the guest filmmakers.

The talks are aimed at exchanging reflections among the participating filmmakers about the factors that modulate and reflect indigenous identity in the context of contemporary society, and from the perspective of cinematographic creation.

They will discuss elements such as language, music, traditions, belonging to a community or a territory, displacement and migration;  all of which are factors that contribute to the identity construction of communities.

Both conversations will be available from Friday, October 30 at 10:30 am at Cinépolis KLIC. In addition, the short programs are also available on the Cinépolis platform.

You will also be able to find these conversations at www.moreliafilmfest.com.

Conversation: Language, identity and migration

With: Norma Delia Robles Carrillo, Litay Ortega, Uriel Nute Kuijin, Nicolás Rojas Sánchez and Elke Franke

  • The mother tongue as a fundamental factor of identity.
  • Music as an element of cohesion and affirmation of identity.
  • Tradition in contrast to new forms of expression through language and music.


Conversation: The dilemmas of identity

With: Laura Plancarte, Andrea Santiago, Saúl Kak, Itandehui Jensen, Armando Bautista, Adolfo Fierro and Juan González
How does cinema express the complexity in the evolution of indigenous identity?

  • The language, tradition, territory and the necessary insertion in contemporary society.


The titles that will be exhibited within the framework of the Forum are:

Short films:

  • Kpaima (2019, dirs. Norma Delia Robles Carrillo y Luis Manuel Hernández Rodríguez)
  • Chikon Nindo y los cazadores (2020, dir. Litay Ortega)
  • Ñuu Kanda (Pueblo en movimiento) (2020, dir. Nicolás Rojas Sánchez)
  • Tu’un Savi (2020, dir. Uriel López España/ Nute Kuijin)
  • Aká, (2020, dirs. Adolfo Fierro y Juan González)
  • (((((/*\))))), (2019, dirs. Saúl Kak y Charles Fairbank)
  • A la cabeza, (2020, dir. Andrea Santiago)
  • Kii Nche Ndutsa (El caracol y el tiempo) (2020, dir. Itandehui Jansen)


  • Kuxlejal (Vida)(2020, dir. Elke Franke)
  • Non Western, (2020, dir. Laura Plancarte)

You can enjoy the two short film programs at the following links: