07 · 19 · 17

XV editions, 15 FICM posters

The essence of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) can be recognized in its posters. That first intention to create a forum to promote Mexican cinema has been manifested in the 15 images—14 of them by the designer Rodrigo Toledo—which show elements of Mexican illustration, the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and local architectural monuments. The posters themselves have represented an homage to Mexican culture, film and art.

In the poster created for the first edition in 2003, where Morelia’s aqueduct is shown in combination with a fragment of a painting by Jesús de la Helguera, the foundation of the festival’s graphic identity was set: festivity, Mexican art, retro elements and the capital of Michoacán.



From the recovery of the popular art by Jesús de la Helguera, whose work served as the basis for a poster once again, this time for the 2013 edition, going through Mexican nationalist art and local cinema in the 40s and 50s, to the reinterpretation of one quinceañera, through the evocation of illustrators like Miguel Covarrubias, the posters of the FICM have covered, in 15 years, a long road worth decades of national art.