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XV years, 15 editions: FICM 2005, 3rd edition

The city of Morelia became the venue for the third edition of FICM in autumn of 2005, from October 8 to 16. On that occasion, the festival was inaugurated with the political thriller by Fernando Meirelles, The Constant Gardener, starring British stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weiz.

That year’s Special Guests were Chilean filmmakers Raúl Ruiz, known for his great diversity of narrative work with stars such as Marcello Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve and John Malkovich; and Valeria Sarmiento, winner of the Grand Prix at the San Sebastian Film Festival for her debut film, Notre mariage (1984). Also present as Special Guests of the third FICM were two actors who have enjoyed brilliant careers on the international screen: Mexican actor Diego Luna and the American-born Tommy Lee Jones.

Among the outstanding personalities who attended this edition were Guillermo Arriaga (who presented The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, directed by Tommy Lee Jones), Michael Fitzgerald, Amat Escalante, Gael García Bernal and Daniel Giménez Cacho.

This year also witnessed the presentation of the initiative for the first edition of Ambulante Film Festival. The proposal consisted in promoting the interest in documentary film genre through a 16-city tour in the country, exhibiting both classic titles and recent Mexican productions.

Once again, the festival paid tribute to an important figure of the cinema of the region through its already traditional Homenaje Michoacano. This time, the recognition was for María de la Soledad García Corona, the purépecha face of Mexican cinema. Born in Pátzcuaro on June 28, 1917, she was baptized as Stella Inda (Indigenous Star) by the artist Adolfo “Fito” Best Maugard. La mancha de sangre (1937), La noche de los mayas (1939, dir. Chano Urueta), The Young and the Damned (1950, dir. Luis Buñuel), and El rebozo de Soledad (1952, dir. Roberto Gavaldón) were all part of this tribute to the actress’ career.

In the third FICM’s catalogue, Alejandro Ramírez Magaña and Daniela Michel wrote about the achievements, goals, and ambitions of a festival that’s already well-positioned in the country’s cultural calendar: “The third edition of the Morelia Film Festival thus strives to meet its objectives, please its audience and realize its aspirations to become a unique platform for the promotion of Mexican films as well as a showcase for the best in international cinema.”

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Amat Escalante

Michael Fitzgerald

Guillermo Arriaga, Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Diego Luna

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