10 · 22 · 19

Vif-argent, Jean Vigo 2019 Award, by Stéphane Batut, was presented at the 17th FICM

By: Celina Manuel

As it is tradition, the Jean Vigo Award this year, Vif-argent, was screened in the context of the 17th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), presented by the director of the film Stéphane Batut, in the company of the Festival’s programmer Sébastien Blayac.

Stephane Batut

“Something that the Jean Vigo Committee said is that, rather than rewarding a film, they reward an author, a vision, and bet on a young filmmaker,” said Blayac.

Vif-argent is the story of Juste, who wanders the streets of Paris looking for people only he can see. From them he receives their last memories before helping them travel to the next world. One day, a young woman named Agathe, who was part of his previous life, recognizes him. Regarding the original idea, director Stéphane Batut commented: “From the beginning, my idea was to narrate a neighbourhood that I’m familiar with, through several portraits of local people.”

At the end, the French director mentioned he felt proud of the award and was grateful to the FICM and the audience, “it is a miracle that this film I made around my house can reach you and I can accompany it.”