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VIDEO: Interview with Agnès Varda and Susan Sontag by Jack Kroll

In 1969, film critic Jack Kroll interviewed Agnès Varda and Susan Sontag as part of the seventh edition of the New York Film Festival, where Sontag presented her debut feature, Duet for Cannibals, and Varda, Lions Love (… and Lies).

Agnès Varda y Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag and Agnès Varda

Duet for Cannibals, by Susan Sontag, is a story of emotional cannibalism, the enigmatic wife of a mysterious political figure in exile in Stockholm. It is a story of a pair of psychological and sexual cannibals that come close to devouring a younger couple.

For its part, the Varda film, Lions Love (… and Lies), set in Los Angeles in the sixties, portrays Viva, Andy Warhol’s superstar, with Gerome Ragni and James Rado, who experience free love. A filmmaker from the East Coast (Shirley Clarke) bursts into the house where they live, where life is a delirious play. It is the end of one era and the beginning of another. From the star system to the stars of the underground. It is considered a film that reflects the spirit of his time with a sense of hedonism.

Both stories have points in common, characters immersed in tortuous situations. In this interview, Agnès Varda and Susan Sontag talk about their films and their aesthetics:

Camera Three: Interview with Susan Sontag and Agnès Varda from Antonio Ferah on Vimeo.