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Restored version of El Grito will be presented at the 16th FICM

Thanks to the invaluable support of the UNAM Film Library, the 16th edition of Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) will present in a special screening the restored version of El grito, a documentary by the students of the University Center for Film Studies (CUEC-UNAM) during the Student Movement of 1968 in Mexico, which was edited under the direction of Leobardo López Arretche to come up with one of the most important testimonies of this historic event.

El grito (1968, dir. Leobardo López Arretche)

El grito (1968, dir. Leobardo López Arretche)

The UNAM Film Library set itself the task of rescuing and restoring El grito in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Student Movement of 1968.

“The project did not have the sole purpose of restoring of the work or paying tribute to what constituted the touchstone to initiate important changes in the political and social life of Mexico. The purpose was also to provide reference material so that the current generations of Mexicans know the contributions of the previous ones to shape the conditions in which they are currently developing”, writes Hugo Villa Smythe, General Director of Cinematographic Activities of the UNAM Film Library.

According to Hugo Villa, the documentary was post-produced in hiding due to the repression by the government that followed October the 2nd. “And although it was basically restricted to marginal circuits and student film-clubs, it managed to establish itself as a classic and an obligatory reference for many subsequent generations”.

 El Grito: Memory in Motion

The restoration work is accompanied by the book El Grito: Memory in Motion, which includes texts by various specialists and critics – Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea, Israel Rodríguez Rodríguez, María del Carmen de Lara Rangel (current director of CUEC), Sandra Loewe, Álvaro Vázquez Mantecón and Judio Avilés Cavasola- who disect El grito from different angles.

“Carrying out the digital restoration of a film like El grito is supported not by the commemoration of a distant historical event, but by the validity of its clamor; that is why in this volume you can find, enriched with various observations, a film with image and sound that have been completely restored”, writes Albino Álvarez Gómez, Deputy Director of Rescue and Restoration of the UNAM Film Library.