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La Mami by Laura Herrero was presented at the 18th FICM

By: Ximena Cuevas

The documentary La Mami (2019), directed by Laura Herrero Garvín, was presented as part of the Mexican Documentary Section of the 18th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

La Mami (2019, dir Laura Herrero Garvín)

After three years of research, it was possible to create this documentary about Doña Olga, better known as “La Mami”. Responsible for the women’s bathroom at the mythical Barba Azul cabaret. “The documentary is something that arises from the relationship that happens both behind the camera and in front of it,” said the director.

The filmmaker shared that the dynamics within the space always unfolded naturally, because over the years it was possible to get to know it, allowing them to move more easily on the set.

In the production of this film, Laura Herrero dedicated herself to maintaining a relationship of trust with the cabaret workers, and they agreed on each of the scenes and on how her identity was to be protected.

Days before filming, Priscila arrived. The director told us about the great opportunity she saw with her since she wanted there to be a standpoint of someone who was just getting used to the dynamics of the space, making an encounter between her and La Mami part of the narrative.

“La Mami sometimes told me things that she didn’t tell any of the girls,” said the director, explaining that she always wanted the conversation to be born between them, in order to protect their privacy and the relationship that characterizes them.

On the other hand, it was possible to recognize the empowerment of these women, who have also demonstrated resilience, within the film. Laura told us that, with the pandemic, it was sadly impossible for the women to see the premiere at the Guadalajara Festival, since they would not see the film until they could all see it together.La Mami will be available free of charge for 24 hours at Cinépolis KLIC after October 30 at 5:45 p.m.