10 · 25 · 18

Chivas, La Película , by Rubén Bañuelos and Iván López Barba, at the 16th FICM

By: Marco Mejía @MiqkelMejia y Gustavo R. Gallardo

After the presentation of Chivas, La Película the directors, Rubén Bañuelos and Iván López Barba, the producer Amaury Vergara, the technical director Matías Almeyda and the soccer players Alan Pulido, Carlos Salcido and Jesús Sánchez, met in the José Rubén Romero theater to answer questions from the press about the film.

“To make a film about soccer, many things must coincide: first, the family that we managed to build at home, with the coaching staff and with the public. So, the film conveys a lot of sensations because I have been away from soccer for a long time so as not to suffer so much and today was too strong,” said strategist Matías Almeyda, who directed Club Guadalajara from 2015 to 2018, the team with which he won the 2017 Clausura tournament cup.

Chivas, La Película tells how in the most complicated moment in the history of the club, players and coaching staff rise and culminate their efforts by winning a league tournament.

The Omnilife-Chivas Group vice-president, Amaury Vergara, said, “The film is very special for Chivas fans and Mexican football, and hopefully people who do not believe can be inspired by this documentary, since I think is the most valuable thing the team accomplished.”

One of the directors, Iván López Barba, spoke about the process of making the documentary and said that they followed the team for 15 months and that the biggest challenge was to choose the moments “that will help tell the story we wanted about the road and not the result; to show the team’s lack of faith and how they began to believe in themselves, because they were considered the worst Chivas team in history”.

The documentary Chivas, La Película, which is almost two hours long, will premiere nationally on November 23 in Cinépolis.