10 · 26 · 18

Amanecer, by Carmen Torres, was presented at the 16th FICM

By: Gustavo R. Gallardo

The documentary Amanecer (2018), by filmmaker Carmen Torres, was presented during the 16th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

Amanecer tells the story of how Carmen, an adopted daughter who decides to look for her biological mother in a journey to her roots, identity, and affections, which also allows her closure about the death of her adoptive mother and to recover memories that escape her. With only a name to guide, she undertakes a search in the Colombian province of Santander, where her “real” mother has a life in which Carmen doesn’t seem to have a chance to fit in.

“It’s a film that tells itself, but I want to share two discoveries I made during this film: on one hand, how complex it is to shape thoughts and emotions, on the other hand, how amazing it is to see how in spite of that you get to a place where you say what you wanted to say,” the Colombian filmmaker said about her debut.