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The documentary Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis was presented at the 16th FICM

By: Juan Roilan Salgado Z.

With a full and expectant room, the documentary Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis was presented by Fran Healy, lead singer for the Scottish band Travis and director of the film, at the 16th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

Travis Fran Healy

Fran Healy

“Thank you very much, everyone, for being here, thank you very much for coming to see this very special presentation for us. It’s as if it were a love letter to my band because I really love my band, and also a love letter to Mexico. I love Mexico,” Fran Healy said at the beginning of the presentation, where he took his place in the middle of the room, surrounded by the fans who were waiting impatiently for the beginning of the screening.

In a Q&A session, attendees had the opportunity to talk with Fran Healy, asking about his decision to invite music journalist Wyndham Wallace to the tour they recorded in Mexico –which brings this film to life, to which he responded: “Because having a person who didn’t like the band. We thought someone who didn’t like the band was crazy, to begin with. He would not have a particular opinion. It was interesting how, little by little, he confessed that some of the Travis songs had an effect at very important moments in his life and this was a confession that came with time. We had caused a kind of cerebral tattoo on him.”

Fran Healy

Fran Healy

After being showered with love and admiration by fans, some anecdotes of his visits to the country and even pleasing them with an a cappella performance, Fran Healey acknowledged the work of Sarah Iben, editor of the film, who was present at the show. “Without her, it wouldn’t be possible to be here,” he said.