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Rifkin´s Festival

Rifkin´s Festival

Direction: Allen, Woody

Script: Allen, Woody

Country: Spain, United States, Italy

Production: Aronson, Erika | Aronson, Letty | Roures Llop, Jaume

Production Company: Gravier Productions | Mediaproducción | Wildside

Photography: Storaro, Vittorio

Edition: Lepselter, Alisa

Sound: Berenguer, Aitor | Fernández, Robert | Hein, Robert

Music: Wrembel, Stephane

Cast: Anaya, Elena | Garrel, Louis | Gershon, Gina | López, Sergi | Shawn, Wallace | Waltz, Christoph

Art Direction: Bainée, Alain

Year of participation at FICM:

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Scoop (2006) Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010) Blue Jasmine (2013) Wonder Wheel (2017) A Rainy Day in New York ()

Screening times in the 18th FICM in Morelia

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