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Lullaby to my father

Lullaby to my Father

Direction: Gitai, Amos

Script: Gitai, Amos

Country: France

Production: Gitai, Amos | Iordachescu, Alexandre | Porcelli, Enzo | Tapuach, Michael | Truchot, Laurent

Production Company: Agav Films

Photography: Basilico, Gabriele | Bejach, Giora | Berta, Renato | Copans, Richard | Gitai, Amos

Edition: Ingold, Isabelle

Sound: Claude, Alex | David, Yisrael | Kharat, Michel | Stroux, Sebastian

Music: Ehrlich, Abel | Keating, Zoe

Cast: Abecassis, Yaël | Ballmer, Theo | Gitai, Keren | Moreau, Jeanne | Schygulla, Hanna

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