10 · 26 · 18

Pawel Pawlikowski received the Filmoteca UNAM Medal

By: Azul Ramírez @azulartx

Pawel Pawlikowski, guest of honor of the 16th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), received, before the second screening of his most recent film, Cold War (2018), the Filmoteca UNAM  Medal. Hugo Villa, general director of Cinematographic Activities of UNAM, presented the award accompanied by Daniela Michel, founder and director of the festival.

Daniela Michel and Pawel Pawlikowski.

Daniela Michel spoke of the winner of the Best Director award in the most recent edition of the Cannes Film Festival as “one of the most extraordinarily lucid and precise filmmakers currently working, his work is really brilliant, it’s a real luxury to have him here with us”.

Pawel Pawlikowski received from Hugo Villa the medal, made of 99.9% pure silver extracted during the process of developing, restoring and rescuing films within the laboratories of the Filmoteca, as well as recognition “for showing in his films a clear and concise manner, with emotion and beauty, but also with courage and with a universal perspective, those things in the scenes that light us all up”.

Pawel Pawlikowski and Hugo Villa.

The Polish director called the award “a beautiful detail, very considerate and loving, I think this agrees with the nature of this festival, which is also made with great love and care. It’s really nice to be here, Mexico never ceases to amaze me.”

Regarding Cold War, he said he was happy to present it during the festival: “It is a handmade film, it is very good to be able to present it at these festivals, of which very few remain, and which are made with great care and attention to details. Morelia no doubt is at the forefront, it reflects the great love you feel for the cinema,” he concluded.

Cold War is a passionate love story between a man and a woman who find themselves in the ruins of post-war Poland. Although they have very different experiences and personalities, they are fatally condemned to be together. Politics, their temperaments and the unfortunate twists of fate separate this couple in an impossible love story located in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris, in the middle of the Cold War in the fifties.