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Michel Hazanavicius at Cinépolis KLIC

Michel Hazanavicius, special guest of the 15th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), arrives at Cinépolis KLIC with three titles that are already available on the video platform. Among them, two films of OSS 117 directed by the French filmmaker in tribute to the tapes of secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, popular in the mid-sixties.

The titles you can enjoy are:

OSS 117: Nest of Spies (2006)

Cairo is a true nest of spies. Nobody trusts anyone, everyone conspires against each other: English, French, Soviet, the family of King Farouk who wants to regain the throne, the Eagles of Cheops, a religious sect that also wants to seize power. To put an end to this chaotic situation, René Coty, the President of France, sends the best French agent: Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, known as OSS 117. You can watch the movie here.

OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009)

Twelve years after his stay in Cairo, OSS 117 must fulfil a new mission. Following the trail of a compromising microfilm for France, the famous agent teams up with a Moss Lieutenant Colonel to capture a Nazi blackmailer. This adventure will take Hubert Bonisseur from the Bath from the sunny beaches of Rio to the lush forests of the Amazon, passing through the deepest secret grottos to the summit of the Christ of Corcovado. The movie is available here.

The Players (2012)

Movie about male infidelity and its many variants, from the point of view of seven directors, including Jean Dujardin and Michel Hazanavicius, who show us how men, witty and touching, honest and cynical, cowardly and innocent, tender and despicable, offer any excuse and use all the existing tricks to satisfy their desires. Hope beats eternally in the heart of man, but the road to forbidden pleasure is never easy. The movie is available here.