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Michael Elías presented the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam Program

By: Juan Roilan Salgado Z.

At the start of the second day of activities of the 16th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), Michael Elías, founder of the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam (CIFFR), presented the feature and short film winners in its last edition during a special double screening: Black Mother (2018, dir. Khalik Allah), winner of the Yellow Robin Award, and the short film Short Drop (2017, dir. Maya Cozier).

Michael Elias.

This double screening, which included the presence of the founders of CIFFR, Michael Elias and Gregory Elias, is part of the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam Program.

Michael Elias was present at the event and highlighted the honor of screening these two films at the 16th FICM, as well as the alliance that these two important festivals have maintained for seven years and recognized the support that Daniela Michel has given the CIFFR.

“Morelia always covers more and goes much further, however it is always a motivation. Not only for the directors, actors and all the people involved in an international film festival of this nature but also for the fact that it serves as a platform. It is very motivating,” he said.

Daniela Michel thanked him for his presence and mentioned how much these two festivals have learned from each other throughout these years. “For me, it is really an honor because Gregory and Michael Elías, in addition to being people who are deeply artistic, have a very beautiful philanthropic vein that I celebrate,” he added.

Michael Elias y Daniela Michel.

Michael Elias and Daniela Michel.

Black Mother is a documentary in which Khalik Allah offers Jamaicans the opportunity to share their dreams and wisdom, but also to talk about the harsh reality of everyday life. It is an honest portrait of the inhabitants of Jamaica that shows young prostitutes and street characters, Rastafarians, mothers and religious devotees.

Short Drop, by director Maya Cozier, tells the story of Bartholomew, a retired man who drives to the downtown, where Shanice confuses his car with a taxi. At the young woman’s insistence, he agrees to take her to her destination and on the way,  they meet a great diversity of characters from Port of Spain. What follows is a long day of settling scores with memories, friendships and revelations.