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GALLERY: Posters of Los Olvidados, by Luis Buñuel, Around the World

In 1950, the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel directed in Mexico Los Olvidados, film released on December 9 of that same year and removed from the billboard three days later, after receiving strong comments from the government, the press and the upper class of the country.

Filmed in the neighborhood of Nonoalco, where the Tlatelolco housing unit is currently located, Los Olvidados was selected to participate in the official Cannes Festival competition in 1951, and gave Luis Buñuel the Best Director award.

After being severely criticized in Mexico, the film was re-evaluated and in 1951 won ten Ariel awards, including Best Film and Direction. Later, in 1953, it was nominated for a BAFTA award for Best Film.

The film shows the influence and power of El Jaibo (Roberto Cobo), leader of a street gang, who draws the characters towards immorality, crime and death. It is considered the director’s masterpiece and in 2004 it was declared part of the Memory of the World by UNESCO.

In 1999 was found a lost original that included an alternative happy ending that Buñuel decided to discard. Eleven years later, in 2010, five extra shots were found, one of which shows El Jaibo seducing the mother of his friend Pedro (Alfonso Mejía).

This work of great historical and cultural value came to be released in different parts of the world and each country had a different design of its poster, some of which you can see below:

Los olvidados, dir. Luis Buñuel. Japan

Los olvidados, dir. Luis Buñuel. Mexico

Los olvidados, dir. Luis Buñuel. Italy

Los olvidados, dir. Luis Buñuel. Holland

Los olvidados, dir. Luis Buñuel. France

Los olvidados, dir. Luis Buñuel. Spain