10 · 22 · 18

Julián Hernández and Roberto Fiesco Present Rencor Tatuado at the 16th FICM

By: Marco Mejía @MiqkelMejia

On Monday night in Room 3 of Cinépolis Centro, Daniela Michel, director and founder of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) gave a lively welcome to producer Roberto Fiesco, and director Julián Hernández, at the world premiere of his Rencor Tatuado (2018).

The cast of Rencor Tatuado

The director said: “It is a special day because we will screen Julián’s film, I ask you to give him a round of applause. Our friendship and collaboration date back more than twenty years, since this was a short film selection, and, by the way, he won. I have infinite admiration for him and I am impressed that every year he has a short film or a feature film ready.”

In response, Julián Hernández thanked Michel and recalled his first years at FICM: “Thank you very much to the festival, I remember that the short film that Daniela mentions is one with which I flunked at the University Center for Film Studies (CUEC-UNAM), a lot of people know it, that project was saved and three years after finishing it I registered it here and won, although in a certain way it unleashed some controversy because I started recording it in 16mm and I finished it in video “.

The cast of Rencor Tatuado

Finally, Roberto Fiesco, who produced this film, thanked the festival and the cast of the project.

Rencor Tatuado (2018) is located in the violent and ungovernable Mexico City of the nineties -with the police as an accomplice of criminals-, where raped women seek revenge through Aída, a mysterious vigilante that seduces abusers, drugs and tattoos them so they never forget what they did. Her powerful enemies prepare an ambush to discover their true identity. Her only salvation is the emancipation of another woman.