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Photos of the winners at the 11th FICM

At the end of the closing ceremony, we photographed the winners of the 11th FICM holding their prize.

Once again, we congratulate all of the winning filmmakers. We will be following their projects as they participate in the different festivals and film showings throughout the year and will keep you informed. Meanwhile, here are their portraits:

Sofía Carrillo director of The Sad House , Best Animated Short Film.

Alicia Segovia Juárez director of Jerusalem, Special Studio 5 de Mayo Award.

Abraham Escobedo Salas director of B-boy, Special Mention for a Short Documentary.

Lubianca Durán director of Supermodern Times, Best Work from the Michoacan Section.

Julio Alberto Avila Díaz director of It Releases Delay, Special Mention, Michoacan Section.

Pablo Zimbrón producer of Las tinieblas, Agreement with the Cinelatino Rencontres de Toulouse, Morelia LAB.

Alejandro Tovar director of the proyect El extraordinario viaje de Celeste García, Cinépolis Award, Morelia LAB.

Mayra Espinosa Castro director of the proyect Yamaha 300, LCI Seguros Award, Morelia LAB.

Giancarlo Nasi Cañas director of A la sombra de los árboles, Special Mention Morelia LAB.

Ulises Pérez Mancilla director of the proyect La edad del sol, IMCINE Award, Morelia LAB.

David Pablos director of The Life After, Klic Award.

Edson Jair Caballero Trujillo director of Atempa – Dreams by the River , Klic Award.

José Luis Valle director of Workers, Best Mexican Feature Film.

Diego Quemada-Diez director of La jaula de oro, Guerrero Press Award, Audience Award and Best First or Second Mexican Feature.

Aarón Fernández director of The Empty Hours, Special Mention in Mexican Feature Film Section.

Harold Torres, Best Actor in Mexican Feature for González.

Nuria Ibañez director of The Naked Room, Best Documentary and Best Documentary by a Woman.

Anaïs Pareto Onghena director of The Sidewalk , Best Short Fiction Film.

Ángel Linares director of The Invisible Mountains, Best Short Documentary.

Adrián Ortíz Maciel director of Elevator, Special Mention in Mexican Documentary Section.