10 · 25 · 17

“And I will wear the armchair out of here”, Guillermo del Toro, at the gala of The Shape of Water

By: Gabriela Martínez @GabbMartivel

A kid dressed as Hellboy, hundreds of people framing the red carpet with books, magazines and catalogues of the 15th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), waiting to be signed by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Everyone knew that even if they had not gotten tickets for the gala performance of The Shape of Water at Cinépolis Morelia Centro, they could see one of the best contemporary filmmakers stroll before them. Friendly, smiling and joking, Guillermo moved all over the red carpet trying to please everyone who wanted a memory the night.

Theatre 4 was full of lucky fans, special guests, reporters and cameramen; Alfonso Cuarón, Carlos Reygadas, Amat Escalante, and Bertha Navarro, among other personalities and friends of the filmmaker, were already anxiously awaiting the entrance of the director of Pan’s Labyrinth. Daniela Michel, general director of the festival, accompanied Alejandro Ramírez, president of FICM, to welcome Guillermo, introducing him as the first Mexican to unveil a plaque at the Lumière Film Festival, to win the Golden Lion of Venice and “the widest” of all who have received these awards, in del Toro’s own words.

Attendees filled the room with applause, the director took the floor to thank everyone present and invited them to enjoy this film that represents a vital reinvention for him at a very personal time. “It’s a movie in love with love and in love with cinema,” he added.

The emotion was so great that they almost forgot to unveil the armchair with Guillermo’s name. “Am I supposed to fit here? I can’t guarantee that, okay?” Everyone laughed, and del Toro hesitated a little before sitting down, finally doing so to pose in front of the cameras. Alejandro Ramirez told him that this armchair will be installed in the room and excited, Guillermo just made a request: Don’t throw popcorn at me, please. Thanks, and I will wear the armchair out of here”.

Daniela Michel concluded this brief ceremony and assured that The Shape of Water is such an extraordinary film that it will surely go down in cinema’s history.

The media expected Guillermo to return to the theatre at the end of the film, however, the director had other plans: dedicating time to his fans. Del Toro returned to the red carpet to continue giving hugs, photos and autographs to all those who waited outside for another opportunity to see him. For two more hours, he forgot about the agenda and stole, as he did eleven years ago, the heart of Morelia