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Press Screening of Los muertos by Santiago Mohar Volkow

Los muertos / The Dead (2012) by Santiago Mohar Volkow, from the Mexican Feature Film Section in competition of the 12th FICM, was presented to the press at the Cinépolis Morelia Centro.

Santiago Mohar and Florencia Ríos

The 24-year-old director has made two feature films – one that is competing this year at FICM and Dios nunca muerte (2012). Los Muertos was completed with money raised at fondeadora.com (página web decrowdfunding, where users can financially support the projects posted there).

Ignacio Beteta

The film revolves around an accident that happens to the wealthiest young people of Mexico, causing the violent social reality of the country to permeate the world of comfort and apathy in which the most privileged live.

Santiago Corcuera, Santiago Mohar, Florencia Ríos and Ignacio Beteta

Actors Ignacio Beteta, Santiago Ignacio Beteta, Santiago Corcuera and Florencia Ríos, and the director Santiago Mohar were present at the press screening of Los muertos.

Santiago Mohar on the title of the film:

“The film refers to the two deaths: first, those who are literally dead and second, the characters who are dead in real life, unable to discern the things that happen to them and the country in which the live.”

Santiago Mohar on the characters:

“I knew the challenge was to make a film that people would continue to be interested in watching, even though the characters were unpleasant. Generally, it’s the opposite; the character must be likeable so that you want to see how they resolve their problems. In this case, I wanted to do the opposite, even becoming a bit morbid. There is always this idea that they’re trapped, always in their homes, in their cars, walled in, until the moment they leave their cage and find some bodies and this other country, which happens simultaneously to them, and that has always been there, but seeing it with a wall that separates them, they have been unable to feel empathy for it.”

Ignacio Beteta on his relationship with the character he played:

“After living it every day for four months, I began to hate the character a bit, but it was also a pleasure to play because we had lived in that world and we really knew it.”

Florencia Ríos on her relationship with the character she played:

“It’s not about hating the character, but rather understanding what is happening because you’re talking about a banality and from that you have to reach a depth and that is the difficult part.”

The premiere of Los muertos will be held at a gala on Thursday, October 23, at 4:30 pm at the Cinépolis Morelia Centro, with a red carpet and the presence of the talent.

Coverage by Gabriel Andrade Espinosa (@gabolonio)