VERDE (2016, dir. Alonso Ruizpalacios)

2016 | Color | 22 min.

Direction: Alonso Ruizpalacios

Script: Alonso Ruizpalacios

Production: Linda Ramos | Ramiro Ruíz

Production Company: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)

Photography: Damián García

Edition: Fernanda de la Peza | Alonso Ruizpalacios

Sound: Javier Umpierrez

Music: Tomás Barreiro

Cast: Raúl Briones | Tenoch Huerta | José Luis Pérez | Alberto Santiago

Art Direction: Sandra Cabriada

FICM Awards: OJO for Short Fiction Film | Mexican Short Film Section

Year of participation at FICM: 2016

SYNOPSIS: Ariel, a silent security guard in charge of transporting other people’s millions every day, has just discovered he’s about to be a first-time father. While deciding what to do about his imminent paternity, through a bizarre fault in the system, he suddenly finds himself before the possibility of fleeing with the loot he transports.