THE DRAWER BOY (2017, dir. Arturo Pérez Torres)

2017 | Color | 98 min.

Direction: Arturo Pérez Torres

Script: Michael Healey | Arturo Pérez Torres

Production: Aviva Armour-Ostroff | Arturo Pérez Torres

Production Company: Open City Works

Photography: Cabot McNenely

Edition: Helen Salcedo

Sound: L Stu Young

Music: Bob Wiseman

Cast: Richard Clarkin | Jakob Ehman | Stu Hughes

Animation: Arturo Pérez Torres

Art Direction: Joanne Dente

FICM Awards: Guerrero Award of the Press for Mexican Feature Film | Mexican Feature Film Section

Year of participation at FICM: 2017

SYNOPSIS: Miles, a young stage actor from Toronto, comes to Huron County and arrives at the home of Angus and Morgan, two aging, unmarried farmers. Miles stays with them in order to collect stories about rural life and write a play about it. All three of their lives are irrevocably altered when art attempts to imitate life and the line between truth and fiction is crossed.