TALLER DE CORAZONES (2016, dir. León Fernández)

2016 | Color | 10 min.

Direction: León Fernández

Script: León Fernández

Production: Juan José Medina

Production Company: Outik Animation SC

Photography: Rita Basulto

Edition: León Fernández

Sound: Odín Acosta

Music: Fesway

Cast: Carlos Hugo Hoeflich

Animation: León Fernández

Art Direction: Rita Basulto

FICM Awards: OJO for Short Animated Film | Mexican Short Film Section

Year of participation at FICM: 2016

SYNOPSIS: In the middle of a forest lies the workshop of Matías. With the best artisan abilities, the young man fixes broken, frozen hearts and melancholy hearts. But every night his workshop shuts down emitting a mysterious sound… Matías has a secret.