RESURRECCIÓN (2016, dir. Eugenio Polgovsky)

2016 | Color | 93 min.

Direction: Eugenio Polgovsky

Script: Eugenio Polgovsky

Production: Julio Chavezmontes | Eugenio Polgovsky

Production Company: Piano | Tecolote Films

Photography: Eugenio Polgovsky

Edition: Eugenio Polgovsky

Sound: Enrique Enciso | Marcelo Nieto | Eugenio Polgovsky | Mara Polgovsky

Cast: Enrique Enciso | Graciela González | Sofía González | María Guadalupe Hernández

FICM Awards: Ambulante Special Award | Mexican Feature-Length Documentary Section

Year of participation at FICM: 2016

SYNOPSIS: The waterfalls of El Salto de Juanacatlán in Jalisco were once known as the “Mexican Niagara Falls”. The sudden arrival of the international industry in the 70s turned its waters into a poisoned hub for the destruction of life. Now, in the village of El Salto, one family rescues its memories, in a battle for the resurrection of the Santiago River’s waters – and for this village’s survival.