LAS TINIEBLAS (2016, dir. Daniel Castro Zimbrón)

2016 | Color | 94 min.

Direction: Daniel Castro Zimbrón

Script: Daniel Castro Zimbrón | Denis Languerand | David Pablos

Production: Pablo Zimbrón Alva

Production Company: Varios Lobos | FOPROCINE | Zoología Fantástica

Photography: Diego García

Edition: Daniel Castro Zimbron | Louise Ford | Natalia López | Yulene Olaizola

Sound: José Miguel Enríquez Rivaud

Music: Carlo Ayhllón

Cast: Fernando Álvarez Rebeil | Brontis Jodorowsky | Meraqui Pradis | Camila Robertson Glennie | Aliocha Sotnikoff Ramos | Alejandro Villeli

Animation: Gustavo Bellón | Benoit Mannequin

Art Direction: Alisarine Ducolomb

FICM Awards: Public’s Award for Best Mexican Feature Film | Mexican Feature Film Section

Year of participation at FICM: 2016

SYNOPSIS: The earth has stopped spinning and days have stopped passing by. One toxic dense fog cover the forest immersed in eternal twilight. Argel has spent his life locked inside an old cabin basement with his brothers. Once his older brother mysteriously desappears, so Argel undertakes a quest which will guide him to discover the darkest mysteries that both his father and the forest hide.