LA UTOPÍA DE LA MARIPOSA (2019, dir. Miguel J. Crespo)

2019 | México | DCP | Color | 30 min.

Direction: José Miguel Jaime Crespo

Script: Miguel J. Crespo

Production: Manuel De León

Production Company: Plumas Atómicas

Photography: Valeria Ríos Ruiz | Miguel J. Crespo

Edition: Miguel J. Crespo

Sound: Valeria Ríos Ruíz

Animation: Alejandro Elizondo Padilla

Art Direction: César Castro Salinas

Year of Participation at FICM: 2019

SYNOPSIS: Lukas Avendaño is the most important artist of the Muxe community. Poetry, dance and anthropology are the tools he uses to enunciate and express himself. Since May 10, 2018, his brother Bruno disappeared in a mysterious way. In Mexico, Bruno is one of 40 thousand missing persons. For Lukas, the search for Bruno has become his greatest utopia.